Increase Your Car’s Performance And Safety By Doing a Regular Tune Up

Your car needs to be taken for a regular tune up, just like you go for regular medical checkups. Your car is a complex big machine with many different parts. For it to be able to fulfill all its obligation, preventive measures and maintenance needs to be carried out. If you do this (preventive checkup) at least once a year, you will have better performance from your machine than if you neglect this responsibility.

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There are those who are experts in maintaining their cars, and the rest of us who don’t know the first thing about internal car mechanics. For those of you who don’t have the knowledge base and skills to do the tuning on your own, the next best thing is to use the expert mechanics at Kurt’s European Autoworks.

Below are some of the major key places that a good mechanic or repair shop will touch on when they are tuning that machine of yours to perform like a “souped-up” formula one race car!

Different Places Where A Good Tune Up Are Needed

1. Liquids. Your car runs by using various liquids from oil to transmission fluid. There is also the liquid for the windscreen washers, lubricants for different functions, etc. When your mechanic gets hold of your car, they check all the liquids, drain what needs to be drained, and adds what needs to be added.

They can even explain to you which liquids are the most essential, what they do, and how much your car should be having at any given time. This information will help you maintain your car better.

2. Hoses and belts. For the engine to work, for the gears to rotate, there are various belts that are used. Since these belts are constantly working, from the moment you turn on your engine until you stop, there can be some major wear and tear going on there. The professional (to whom you have entrusted your car) has to check all the belts, make sure no cracks and tears are happening, and replace those that are in bad shape. Good belts means good engine, which equals great performance!

3. Car engine, plugs, connections, wires. The engine of your car is the complex “heart” that makes the car move and handles all the pressures and demands you make on your car. It has so many parts, wires, components, small and big, all of which need to be checked for signs of fatigue or damage.

Not everything will be replaced since engine parts are manufactured to be durable. When you pick the experienced professional mechanics at Kurt’s, they can analyze all those parts and sass-out any potential issues plus correct them.

Other Things Done During A Tune Up

Stuffy cars or malfunctioning air condition system are a pain in the neck. The tune-up you schedule can have you well ventilated since they will fix any issues there.

Your filters need to be changed regularly so that your car can burn fuel efficiently. There are filters in several areas inside your car including the engine. These filters are supposed to keep the dirt out, allowing clean air in. The mechanic will either choose to clean the filters with a liquid or opt to completely replace everything if nothing is salvageable.

Anything else that needs to be done will be done, from the wheels, battery, steering, alignment, engine, and other parts of your car. This is why you need a place where you have full confidence in their abilities, skills, equipment, and experience when it comes to car checkups.

You may find that you have been driving around with some faulty dangerous parts, and this is only because you scheduled to have your car looked at by experts. There are some things that might have to be replaced; others you will find out have been performing perfectly. The benefits of having regular tune ups (from performance, safety, cost, lifespan), are what you need to concentrate on when considering getting one done on your car.

For a tune-up on your vehicle in Delray Beach, Give Kurt a call today!

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