When it comes to car diagnostics (Check engine light, ABS light, SRS Airbag light and more), there are basically two routes that you can take. You can bite the bullet and do the diagnostics on your own, or you can give the responsibly to our ASE certified technicians at our very reputable repair shop. Both options are viable ways of doing the diagnostics, but the latter has more advantages than DIY (doing it yourself).

It was very possible to do the procedure on your own back when cars did not come with complicated systems. You would have to shelf a considerable amount of time to carry out the procedure if you decided to do it. The whole diagnostic process involved constant rechecking, multiple guess work, and lots of trial/error gambling. All this was really taxing and if you did find an issue, there was the replacement and repair still waiting for you.

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Technology has increased the amount of electronic features that are fitted in modern cars. This has made the whole system of many cars a very complicated issue to tackle. And since people don’t have lots of time to research and do everything correctly when carrying out diagnostic, using a professional technician has become a very popular option.

Specialist Car Diagnostics Services

Your car has a diagnostic system usually placed on the dashboard. Some models have this diagnostic system placed on the centre console. To be able to access the system, there is the EOBD port. Modern vehicles are engineered to be more fuel efficient and less harmful to the atmosphere therefore they come with more electronics and features.

Our specialists will handle the diagnostic process using the EOBD port to insert special equipment used to read the data that will come forth. Using this method, an experienced tech can pinpoint any issue in minutes. All this depends on the make and model of your car. Many of the cars from Europe and Japan come with this port while some American models also have them.

“So what kind of diagnostic issue can be detected using this method?” Issues involving the following parts can be identified using EOBD car diagnostics. Service Lights Settings, Chassis Network, Key Encode, Air Conditioning, Airbag SRS/ABS, Automatic Transmission, Immobiliser, and Engine Management.

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Car Diagnostics Systems That Need Experienced Hands

CAN bus is a car diagnostic system that was released into the market very recently by BOSH. It might look simple with its two cables but looks can be ever so deceiving! The two cables allay the possibilities of multiple errors being read when the system is being used. There is a specialised adapter used to read the raw data generated by this diagnostic system.

If you have never worked or heard of this system and you find you have it in your car, it’s recommended that you don’t tinker with it. The only solution here is to contact the trusted car diagnostic specialists here at Kurt’s to take a look and tell you what is going on.

There are various features in your car that you may not know how to properly handle i.e. turning some features on or off. In this kind of situation, a diagnostic expert can help you turn things like passenger SRS Airbags off, if you need them off for whatever reason.

Making routine car diagnostics checkups is wise move on your part since it can help identify problems before they become calamities. Identifying these issue will help save you time and money, since the cost of fixing these issue will be lower than leaving them to develop into big-headache problems.

The biggest leap that car diagnostics has come in the last two decades has contributed to the rise of specialists who are well versed in all the complex different systems. Kurt’s European is good at what they do, they have all the equipment, and they can save you lots of time and inconveniences. Use our shop for all your Car Diagnostics (Check engine light, ABS light, SRS Airbag light) needs.

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