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Auto repair and engine replacement are major undertakings that can be very expensive, just like car transmission system repair and replacement. As aEngine Repair Delray Beach vehicle owner you should, therefore, educate yourself on it. To avoid untimely engine repair and engine replacement, you also need to know about engine tune-ups. Your best source of information would be an automotive mechanic in Delray Beach whom you trust. He should likewise be an expert in auto repair and truck repair as well as auto inspection. Do not rely only on the handyman who does your auto oil change. It would be much better if your automotive mechanic works in a reputable Delray Beach automotive shop that supplies only genuine car parts like those from AC Delco.

An engine tune up is a routine preventive maintenance service done on the vehicle engine according to the instructions of the engine manufacturer. These instructions can be found in the vehicle’s owner’s manual along with the recommended schedule of frequency for each procedure. This may cover the examination of the ignition system and emission controls; the replacement of certain parts of the ignition system such as the contact breaker, distributor cap or rotor button, if necessary; corrections in the air-fuel mixture, carburetor idle speed and valve; adjustments in the cylinder head bolts; and the replacement of filters and spark plugs. In newer vehicle models, engine tune ups are not needed too often and can be done once in every ten years. They should never be ignored, though.

Even with proper engine tune ups, there are still various factors that can lead to engine breakdown. When this happens, there is often a choice between engine repair or engine replacement. With engine replacement still comes the choice between getting a brand new engine, a used engine or a re-manufactured engine.

Engine repair and replacement is recommended by most automotive mechanics in Delray Beach only if the vehicle is less than ten years old, with a market value exceeding $2,000.00. Otherwise, the expense is not worthwhile and you are better off buying another vehicle.

Of course, engine repair is only possible if your engine is still repairable. Automotive mechanics in Delray Beach do not recommend repairing engines that have locked up or have been running for over 150,000 miles, making strange noises and burning oil.

For engine replacement, you will spend most if you go for a brand new engine, also called a crate engine. This is almost identical to your original engine or may even be better if the manufacturer has added upgrades to the same model. It comes with a solid warranty and ready for installation.

Less expensive than a brand new engine but not necessarily inferior to it is a re-manufactured engine. This means a used engine has been totally overhauled and rebuilt with new components. Re-manufactured engines meet and can even exceed the specifications and standards of original equipment manufacturer engines. They also come with solid warranties and ready for installation. Using a re-manufactured engine that has been recycled is more ecologically sound and environmentally friendly.

The third option of getting a used engine is not recommended by reputable automotive mechanics in Delray Beach even if this is the cheapest choice. There is no guarantee that these used engines will last long.

Being diligent about your regular preventive maintenance procedures and engine tune ups will ensure that you will not have to spend for automotive engine repair and engine replacement sooner than necessary. At some point in the life of your vehicle, though, the need for engine repair and engine replacement is inevitable. If you are properly prepared, you can work well with your automotive mechanic in Delray Beach on this.

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